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Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is a modern theatre that can seat 174 people. As well as live shows it can be hired for small conferences and meetings.

Photo shows exterior of Globe Theatre seen from the street.

The theatre comprises a stage, dressing rooms, foyer and auditorium. It has a seating capacity of 174 and a fully equipped kitchen for serving morning teas, afternoon teas and meals for up to 70. Bar facilities in the foyer area can be made available by arrangement.

With its central location and excellent parking facilities the well equipped modern theatre is capable of a variety of uses including live shows, conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars and film screenings. Its close location makes it an ideal adjunct to the Centennial Convention Centre. The dressing rooms and foyer can easily be used for separate discussion groups and smaller conferences.


312 Main Street


Theatre Administrator
Globe Theatre
Telephone 06 351 4409