Local Regulations and Licences

Microchipping your dog

In 2006, a new legislation came into effect meaning all new puppies need to be microchipped within two months of when they were registered with us.

Microchipping was first introduced by Parliament in order to make it easier to track down dogs that get lost or separated from their owner, and to identify dangerous dogs in the community.

These services are provided by vets and other qualified microchip implanters, with Council's then verifying the microchipping.

Failure to microchip your dog if it falls into one of the following categories could result in prosecution and a fine of up to $3000.

Your dog(s) will also need to be microchipped if:

  • You are registering your dog for the first time in your local area
  • Your dog is classified as dangerous
  • Your dog is classified as menacing
  • Your dog has been impounded for the second time.

Working farm dogs are exempt from microchipping.