Local Regulations and Licences

Preferred owner scheme

The Council's preferred owner scheme offers a reduced dog registration fee to people who qualify as responsible dog owners.

Full Criteria

A preferred owner will be accorded a substantial reduction of registration fee provided that the following criteria have been met each and every subsequent year.

  1. You must have had a dog registered for the preceding 12 months and any dogs you have are currently registered with Palmerston North City Council. If you have just moved to Palmerston North the 12 months of registration may apply to a different Council.
  2. The premises where the dog(s) is/are housed has been inspected by a Palmerston North City council Animal Control Officer and the owner interviewed as to their understanding of statute and bylaw requirements.
  3. In the opinion of the Animal Control Officer the property is adequately fenced to contain the dog(s) at all times.
  4. In the opinion of the Animal Control Officer the sleeping quarters and exercise facilities for the dog(s) are adequate.
  5. The owner has not had more than one dog impounded or found at large in the preceding 12 months.
  6. The dog(s) has not been found to be a nuisance to neighbours more than once in the preceding 12 months, eg complaints for barking or threatening dogs.
  7. The registration fee/s have been paid by the due date.
  8. Preferred Owners must notify Council of any change of address within 14 days. A property inspection of the new address will be required.
  9. Ensure there is access to a door on the property without the dog/s rushing/ being able to approach people when entering the property.

Property Considerations

  1. Fencing must be adequate to permit dog(s) to be contained at all times, provide sufficient space for exercise and of a height sufficient to prevent dog(s) from alarming neighbours or passers by.
  2. Suitable sleeping quarters must provide shelter for the dog but not be detrimental to its health, ie be adequately placed for light and air. A minimum standard would be a kennel and appropriate run, although a chain may be considered appropriate in some circumstances.

Animal Considerations

The Animal Control Officers assessment will include the welfare of the dog, public health issues and public nuisance issues including:

  • vaccination
  • prevention of unplanned pregnancies
  • arrangements for leaving dog(s) unattended
  • arrangements whilst on holiday
  • facilities for breeding (if applicable)
  • arrangements for people entering you property
  • obedience training undertaken
  • arrangements for dealing with faeces
  • feeding arrangements and type of food provided
  • standards of hygiene
  • access to drinking water