Local Regulations and Licences

Fire permits

In urban parts of Palmerston North you need a permit to light any open air fire other than a gas barbecue, hangi or umu. If you live in a rural area, you need a permit in a restricted fire season.

All the conditions you need to meet for open air fires are set out in the Council's Nuisance Bylaw.

Not sure whether you live in an urban or rural fire district? Check the map in the downloads section of this page.

To apply for a fire permit, get advice on the guidelines for ethnic fires or to speak to a rural fire officer, contact us on 06 356 8199

Urban fires

It is illegal to light an open air fire without a permit in the Palmerston North urban area.

Open air fires include charcoal barbecues, braziers, bonfires and incinerators.

You do not need a permit for a gas barbecue or an ethnic cooking fire. However, if you are planning a hangi or an umu there are guidelines you should observe - mainly around building your fire pit and advising your neighbours. For more information about the guidelines, call us on 06 356 8199

Garden fires are a major source of air pollution. Please use alternative methods to dispose of your green waste, plastics, rubber and rubbish.

Rural fires

You don't always need a fire permit if you live in a rural part of Palmerston North. It depends on the fire season status.

Always check the fire season status before you light a fire.

You will need a permit in a restricted fire season.

In a prohibited fire season, you can not light any fires.