Local Regulations and Licences

Graffiti removal

Let’s keep our city looking lovely. If you’ve spotted some tagging, let us know as we may be able to remove it for you or give you a discounted paint voucher.

Palmerston North City Council takes a reactive approach to removing graffiti from public and private property. If you've got tagging or graffiti on your property, we can help you remove it, or remove it for you under certain circumstances.

This is based primarily in response to complaints received from members of the community. Council considers that graffiti has a significant impact on how the city is perceived by its residents and visitors.

In terms of tagging on private property, Council considers that the most appropriate way to manage the problem is in partnership with property owners. Council removes all graffiti from Council-owned property.

Criteria for removing graffiti

Council removes graffiti under certain circumstances, namely where the tagging is on exterior walls or fences of residential properties fronting arterial roads, principal roads and collector roads such as Tremaine Avenue, Rangitikei Street or Fitzherbert Avenue. Council also removes graffiti from any property in the CBD and suburban shopping centres.

If the criteria are met, Council will contact the owner to seek approval before removing the graffiti.

If a tag does not meet Council criteria the owner will receive a 50% discount voucher to purchase paint from Dulux Trade Centre in Main Street. To qualify for this discount you need ensure your complaint has been lodged with Council.

Have you seen any tagging?

If you have tagging on your own property, see it on someone else's property or see it on public property, please contact the Council Customer Service Centre on 06 356 8199. We will then follow the matter up promptly and arrange for the graffiti's removal.

We need your ongoing assistance to help maintain a cleaner and friendlier looking Palmerston North.

If you have any queries regarding graffiti removal or want to report graffiti please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 06 356 8199.