Local Regulations and Licences

Noise Control

All Noise complaints, no matter what time of day or night, can be phoned through on (06) 356 8199

When you are planning any activity or event that has the potential to generate excessive noise it is important to consider the following points.

  • Consider your neighbours
  • Keep the noise at a reasonable level
  • Tone the noise down at a reasonable hour
  • Don't let your entertainment be at the expense of neighbours

Under the Resource Management Act 1991, Environmental Health Officers are also appointed as Noise Control Officers. This also contains provisions for the control of all noise in the urban area.

The Council is empowered under this act to control the effects of excessive noise and to appoint Noise Control Officers to carry out these duties accordingly.

The Act is designed to protect people from excessive or unnecessary noise. This generally relates to musical instruments and stereos, electrical appliances, power machines, and people or a group of persons. 

The Act provides for one or more of the following actions to be carried out:

  • Seizure of equipment
  • The imposing of fines
  • Disposal of equipment

Specific noise control regulations are included in the District Plan which sets maximum noise levels for different zones such as residential, business and industrial.