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City Council Takes Action on Climate Change

Thursday July 10 2008

That message convinced the Palmerston North City Council to unanimously join the government funded "Communities for Climate Protection - New Zealand" Programme.

In all there are 33 local and regional Councils participating in the programme around New Zealand covering 80 percent of the population.

"While the world is warming up, the City Council has actively engaged in the programme for protecting the global climate which not only has benefits for the environment but also results in positive impacts on the local quality of life in our community," says Chairperson of Planning and Policy, Cr Anne Podd.

"Local authorities are becoming leaders in environmental issues and our Council is going to set realistic emission reduction goals and develop and implement strategies that will achieve tangible results."

Since joining the programme at the end of June, the Council has committed itself to a number of milestones, the first of which is to conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, analysis and forecast. This will lead to the setting of emission reduction goals and developing a local action plan to achieve them.

"When we know how we're performing we'll know where to focus our efforts and ensure the community, as well as Council, gets as much out of the programme as we can," Cr Podd says.

In the meantime Policy Planner, Geoff Wilkinson, who's handling the programme, says the community can start addressing the impacts of climate change now.

"Local people can play their part by taking a responsible attitude to energy useage, to use active transport where they walk or cycle rather than use the car and to recycle, because it takes less energy to use a product again than to manufacture it from scratch," he says.

"We want to be a responsible city and join the global challenge to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere which contributes to adverse climate change."