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New Parking Meters this Week

Tuesday October 21 2008

Since the start of the month the Council's contractors have installed 189 new pay and display machines throughout the inner-city.

Road Planning Team Leader, David Lane, says the machines replace single bay and multi bay meters, some of which have served the city for 30 years.

In June the City Council approved a $1.5 million replacement programme in its Annual Plan to purchase and install the latest generation technology.

The machines or Metros are solar powered and their mechanism provides staff with on-line data about payment and useage through an in-built communications system using cellular phone technology. The Council can also programme messages to be printed on the ticket.

That ticket is required to be prominently displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle.

David points out that the credit card and text options have a 50 cent surcharge to cover the additional cost of collection. The 50 cents is paid directly to the vendor of the service such as Telecom or Vodofone.

Besides the payment options, the machines can generate a ticket for cars in the immediate vicinity. However there's no change to the parking tariffs which were set by the Council two years ago.

"The system being provided operates in an identical fashion to machines in Wellington and Auckland and works similarly to coin operated pay and display machines that already exist in some parts of the CBD," David says.

"The end result is sturdy machines which offer payment options, require minimal maintenance and, because of their reliability, bring increased revenue to the Council."