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New PNCC Website Launched

Thursday April 17 2008

Of particular interest will be the A to Z Directory of Council services which is available on every page. Also of note is the website's capacity for users to pay rates on line with credit cards and to participate in a 24/7 live chat session with a Customer Service Centre officer about Council issues. 

Web Manager, Hamish Richardson, says other features include an improved cemetery information search and an in-house property mapping service called Geo-Guide which allows users to search for information on property, rates and legal descriptions. The site also has an improved level of general information about Palmerston North for local, national and international audiences. 

The web team have been redesigning the City Council website for the best part of a year and see it as a starting point for ongoing enhancement. "Visitors to the website will appreciate its enhanced usability, its ease in seeking information and completing tasks on line," he says. "We've already had some positive feedback from a range of users and some valuable suggestions for further improvements."