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Vibrant, Caring, Creative and Sustainable City

Monday December 15 2008

City Councillors have unanimously endorsed those words as their Vision for the draft 10 Year Plan for 2009/2019.

At their final Finance and Performance Committee meeting for 2008, Councillors addressed both the Vision and City Goals for inclusion in the draft 10 Year Plan.

The City Goals the Councillors confirmed were;

  • Palmerston North is a city where people want to live because of its easy lifestyle and its many social, economic and leisure opportunities
  • Palmerston North is a leading city in the quest to become environmentally sustainable
  • Palmerston North is a city which attracts, fosters and retains business because of the creativity and innovation of its education, research and knowledge base.

Head of Community Planning, Andrew Boyle, says the first goal is about people. It's about the Council helping to create a community that cares about all its members. It's also about the Council helping to make a city where there are lots of things for people to do.

The second goal is about ensuring that people live in a healthy and safe environment. It's also about making Palmerston North a more environmentally sustainable city Andrew explains.

"This is an area where the Council will place more emphasis over the next three years at least," he says.

The third city goal focuses on the Council helping to maintain a strong local economy. It's about helping to ensure that local businesses are growing and providing lots of well-paid jobs for local people Andrew says.

He emphasises that education, research and development are a key part of the city's economy.

Councillors also adopted two important organisational goals. They are;

  • Palmerston North City Council is financially responsible and residents are satisfied that they get value for money from their rates
  • Palmerston North City Council understands the many views of the city's people and those people understand what the Council is doing and why.

Andrew predicts that, once the three city goals have been reached, the city will be enriched with more community activities, more people will cycle or use public transport, more homes will be energy efficient, environmental education programmes will be funded in schools and the community, Palmerston North will be an even more attractive place in which to live, events that attract visitors will be funded and revenue will be provided to help market the city to residents, students, convention attendees and recreation visitors.

"One of the things that residents say they really like about Palmerston North is its easy lifestyle. We need to retain this and make it easy for people to do the right things such as recycle, use public transport, use Council walkways for exercise and fitness and volunteer for community or sports groups," he says.

"The Vision and Goals reflect the key issues that came through from public consultation. They will be part of the draft 10 Year Plan so people can comment on them further through their submissions in April next year."

The draft plan, which will be workshopped further by Councillors at the end of January 2009, will go to the Committee of Council on February 16.

When approved it will be reviewed by Audit New Zealand later that month and then return to the Committee of Council for further discussion and approval on March 18.

The document becomes available to the community for consultation from March 30-May 1.

It will finally be adopted as the new 10 Year Plan on or before June 30, 2009.

The recommendations from the Finance and Performance Committee concerning the vision and goals now go to the full Council next week.