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Coming to a PC Near You - PNCC TV

Wednesday April 1 2009

As part of being innovative about the Draft 10 Year Plan or Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP), the Council has produced a video clip featuring Mayor Jono Naylor presenting the main features of the plan.

Web Manager, Hamish Richardson, has made the three minute clip available on the Council's website, from the "Quick Links" panel.

Jono Naylor's presentation covers the main issues and he encourages viewers to make a submission on the draft plan which is now out for public consultation.

The draft plan is available to download from the same web page.  Alternatively people can uplift a copy from the Customer Service Centre or Palmerston North libraries. To reply they can either post or respond via the Council's email address -

Head of Community Planning, Andrew Boyle, says the Council is always looking at new ways to inform the community about the importance of its draft 10 Year Plan and the online video is a further initiative in targeting a significant cross-section of people who may have been unaware of the draft plan before.

"This is an opportunity to engage those people who get their information via electronic communication channels," Andrew says. "It's an effective way to view the Mayor explaining the draft 10 Year Plan in his own words."

The Mayor's presentation is also available on the City Council's YouTube channel "PNCCTV" and the Mayor's Blog.

Other methods of publicising the draft plan and its consultation period include Mayor Jono and Committee Chairpersons' addresses at last night's State Of the City gathering, the community meetings which begin tomorrow night, email surveys, radio commercials, talking to people on city buses and traditional media releases and advertising.

The closing date for submissions is May 1.