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Council Cuts Down Boy Racer Options

Wednesday December 2 2009

The grass on both sides of Centennial Drive has been damaged by boy racers who use it as an assembly point and carry out all kinds of manoeuvres in their vehicles.

The noise and destruction has irritated nearby residents for some time.

Two months ago the City Council organised a public meeting at The Chalet for residents to express their concerns and, following the meeting, sent out a questionnaire which included a feedback form.

The questionnaire gave the residents two options - fence off the area or install gates across Centennial Drive at night.

By a small majority residents preferred the fencing off option which means that Centennial Drive stays open at night but boy racers have no off-road areas to congregate.

The City Council is currently erecting post and rail fences from The Chalet towards Albert Street and also installing temporary traffic calmers (speed humps) near The Chalet and the entrance to the Manawatu Golf Course.

Parks and Property Manager, John Brenkley, will monitor the situation over Christmas and New Year and make further contact with residents in March 2010.

"We believe this initiative will prove effective and we want to monitor it first before deciding whether we need to consider further options," John says.

The Council is also erecting gates at the entrance to The Chalet and no parking signs for about 200 metres from The Chalet to where the road narrows.