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End of October Decision on Centennial Drive

Tuesday October 20 2009

Nearby residents have expressed concern to the Council about the behaviour and noise of boy racers who use Centennial Drive at night.

At a meeting held in September, Councillors and Council staff heard complaints about car engine noise, loss of traction, unruly behaviour and damage to The Chalet carpark and the grass verge alongside the golf club.

The Council sent out an information pamphlet with a survey form attached to about 700 residents asking them to respond to two options - close part of Centennial Drive at dusk or install posts and rail fences on both sides of the road. As a result of the publicity other residents also contacted the Council to express an opinion.

To date the Council has received about 140 replies both to the pamphlets and from people ringing to give their feedback.

While the responses are still being collated, Recreation and Community Facilities Manager, John Brenkley, says a slight majority are in favour of closing part of Centennial Drive at night between The Chalet and the Manawatu Golf Club entrance.

The other alternative is to install post and rail fences on both sides of the road to prevent cars causing damage by driving into the reserve area and on land alongside the golf course.

Because of only a modest response from neighbours, the Council will accept any further opinion expressed this week.

In addition to the pamphlet, the Council will close The Chalet carpark from dusk and give responsibility to the leasee to let vehicles in and out of the parking area and also erect No Parking signs on a 200 metre stretch of Centennial Drive from beyond The Chalet on the lagoon side.

At present motorists are parking there, mostly all day, making the road difficult to navigate at that point John says.