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Lagoon Bore will Sustain Water Level

Tuesday January 20 2009

The cost of the bore has been substantially met by the Palmerston North Canoe Club and nearby residents plus grants from New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT), Eastern and Central Trust, Endeavour Community Trust with a grant and technical assistance from the City Council.

The bore will enable the level of the lagoon to remain constant and provide sufficient water for canoeing and other recreational activities.

The bore was drilled to 94 metres to secure water from an underground aquifer and is designed to release up to 250,000 litres of water daily into the lagoon.

City Council Services Engineer, Phil Burt, describes the successful operation of the bore as a win-win situation for all parties.

"It provides a consistent level of water and will enhance the clean and fresh aesthetic appeal of of the lagoon," Phil says.