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Nocturnal Dogs Cause Concern

Wednesday February 25 2009

That's the question the City Council's Animal Control Division is asking dog owners.

The Council is aware of a number of dogs that go walkabouts during the wee small hours but return home before their owners wake up in the morning.

Without their owner knowing, the dogs may have left faeces on residents' lawns, attacked rubbish left out at night and, on some occasions, menaced and savaged family pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits and cats.

Senior Animal Control Officer, Barbara Whitaker, is concerned at reports of roaming dogs at night and requests that owners secure their dogs before they go to bed.

In particular the Council is aware that two dogs have been attacking small animals in the Hokowhitu area but she hasn't been able to get a positive description of the dogs.

"Children are often the innocent parties in these incidents when they wake up and find their pets attacked," Barbara says.