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Options to Curb Boy Racers

Wednesday September 30 2009

Boy racer car after crashing into a parked car at high-speed

An information pamphlet with a survey form attached is being prepared for residents who use Centennial Drive for access asking them to respond to either of those two options. Recreation and Community Facilities Manager, John Brenkley, says the pamphlet will be sent to residents later this week seeking a reply by October 9.

The pamphlet is a response to a Council organised meeting at The Chalet on September 15 where about 50 people expressed concern about the behaviour and noise of boy racers who use Centennial Drive at night.

Councillors, Council staff and police attended the meeting and heard complaints about car engine noise, loss of traction, unruly behaviour and damage to The Chalet carpark and the grass verge alongside the golf club.

The pamphlet provides background information and gives residents a choice between installing gates on Centennial Drive which would be locked at dusk and opened at dawn or installing post and rail fences on both sides of the road to prevent cars causing damage by driving into the reserve area and on land alongside the golf course.

The first option would close part of Centennial Drive for through traffic at night preventing access between The Chalet and the Manawatū Golf Club entrance while the second would allow vehicle access to Centennial Drive but deny boy racers the opportunity to cause damage to the grass areas on either side of the roadway.

The results of the pamphlet would be referred to residents and the preferred option carried out by the Council as soon as possible John Brenkley says.

As well as the options outlined in the pamphlet the Council will close The Chalet carpark from dusk and give responsibility to the leasee to let vehicles in and out of the parking area.

"We will also erect No Parking signs on a 200 metre stretch of Centennial Drive from beyond The Chalet on the lagoon side. At present motorists are parking there, mostly all day, making the road difficult to navigate at that point," John says.

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