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Placement of CCTV Cameras being Assessed

Friday May 8 2009

In the first evaluation of the 11 cameras and their effectiveness since they were installed five years ago, a team has acknowledged that four of them should be relocated.

An initial meeting of stakeholders in December last year established a sub-group to look at the CCTV cameras in the knowledge that the location of some of the hotspots in the city had changed and other flashpoints now existed that the cameras didn't cover.

An example was the Fat Ladies Arms, a trouble spot five years ago when the cameras were installed, but the name and culture of the bar has changed significantly.

The sub-group comprising the City Council, Palmerston North Police, Chubb Security and internet provider, Inspire, has confirmed that seven of the 11 cameras are working well and beaming into potential hotspots.

However they acknowledge that the other four could benefit from being slightly relocated. They also identified five more sites where security cameras could be installed.

City Council representative, John Brenkley, says at present Chubb is preparing a cost estimate for the camera relocations.

Once the price has been confirmed the Council and stakeholders will make application to external funders including the Lion Foundation, the original donor of the cameras.

"Despite early technical difficulties the cameras have worked well. The volunteer team that staffs them at Police Headquarters often identify situations that look threatening and Police patrols are dispatched to deal with them before they become violent," John says.

He is anticipating a costing for the work from Chubbs before the end of the month.