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Keeping food safe for your family this summer

Wednesday December 1 2010

Barbecue 1

The Council is urging residents to take proper care with food to keep their families safe from food poisoning.

Remember the 4 C's - Clean, Cook, Cover and Chill.

• Clean your hands by washing them with soap
• Always wash your hands before handling any food and after touching raw meat and poultry, going to the toilet, changing nappies or playing with pets
• Keep eating utensils clean
• Scrub chopping boards between preparing raw and cooked food
• Don't forget to keep your fridge clean too

• Defrost frozen foods thoroughly before cooking them
• If barbecuing, pre-cook your minced meats, sausages and poultry
• If you are placing meats straight onto the barbecue, remember juices should run clear when cooked
• Never leave hot food to cool for more than two hours before putting it in the fridge

• If you are storing any food in the fridge remember to cover it
• If you are storing raw meat in the fridge, keep it at the bottom to stop any juices dripping onto other foods
• Keep food covered and in the fridge until you are ready to cook it

• An ideal temperature for your fridge is between 2 and 4°C
• If you are off on a summer picnic, using a chilly bin or frozen chilly pads will help keep your food cool until you eat
• During barbecue season we often marinate our meat, keep it in the fridge while it is marinating, don't leave it on the bench

Enjoy your barbecues and keep safe this summer.

If you'd like more advice or ideas on keeping food safe check out or ring the PNCC on 06 356 8199.