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Palmerston North City Council Leads Way With Sustainable Street Lighting

Thursday August 18 2011

The new street lights will be phased in slowly starting with Cascade Cres, Beaumont Place, Egmont Place and Hobbs Place and are estimated to reduce the street's lighting power usage costs by up to 75%.

The new lights produce a higher level of lumination than the traditional high pressure sodium lights and will also have a five stage dimming programme which will be used to lower lighting levels during off peak periods.

"The Council have been monitoring new LEDs recently installed in Vivian Street and have been impressed by the energy savings and low maintenance costs associated with them, and that has to be good for the City," Rob Cuff Project Engineer for PNCC said.

"The bulbs in the traditional high pressure sodium street lights need replacing every year, they use a lot more energy and are expensive to maintain. But the new LEDs will only need replacing once every 15 years."

Installation of the new street lights is due to start in October and will take approximately four weeks to complete.

LED street lights are being installed in cities worldwide due to their environmentally friendly nature.