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10 Year Plan adopted by Council

Wednesday June 27 2012

In all Council considered 357 submissions, representing 403 people. Approximately 100 people/organisations spoke to their submission at one of the 14 draft 10 Year Plan hearings that were held across the city.

The Plan allows for a rates increase of 5.6% for the coming financial year which begins on Sunday.

The most important part of the plan is the city's vision and this year Council slightly adjusted the vision by replacing the word creative with innovative. Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor says our vision for Palmerston North is that it will be recognised as a vibrant, caring, innovative and sustainable city. "Innovative as a word incorporates creative and conjures up images of Number 8 wire mentality, it's about giving it a go and I think it will resonate with residents of Palmerston North as, on the whole, we don't sit around wringing our hands instead we get on with the job of making things happen."

Some of the significant projects included in the Plan:
• Funding for The Globe Theatre renovations has been bought forward allowing work to start next year.
• Irrigation and drainage work at Fitzherbert Park will be carried out in a bid to return international test cricket to the city.
• Work will begin on the design and consent process for the new aviary at the Esplanade Gardens allowing the fundraising to proceed.
• $100,000 to study how Palmerston North will cope with Peak Oil.

A number of projects were dropped or delayed:
• Plans to buy land for the proposed second Manawatū River bridge - this will have implications for Fitzherbert Avenue that in time Council will have to consider.
• The upgrade of the Bus Terminal has been placed on hold until Horizons Regional Council has completed a first principle's review of service delivery.
• As a result the proposed upgrade of the Square eastside has been put on hold to ensure it happens around the same time as the bus terminal upgrade to ensure cost efficiencies.