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Community Funding now aligned to Council's strategies

Friday November 2 2012

Community groups seeking ratepayer support will need to demonstrate how their activities align to aspirations set out in the Arts, Active Recreation, Events & Festivals and Social strategies.

Mayor Jono Naylor says the strategies were developed by Council with input from the community groups affected, ratepayers and the wider community.

"Last year ratepayers contributed $1.2million to 41 community groups. If we as a city are to achieve our aspirations then we need to start putting our words into action - That is what this new policy does."

Community development manager Cathy McCartney says "community groups will need to show how the services they provide will really make a difference to communities in the City. For some it may be beneficial to partner up with other groups in a bid to deliver outcomes in line with Council's strategies."

Reporting requirements have also changed. At most, groups receiving substantive amounts of funding will be required to provide quarterly reports. The level and types of reporting will be agreed as part of the contractual arrangement.

Cathy McCartney says the funding spread across the sectors is based on existing funding breakdowns.

In a bid for greater clarity of the financial support Council provides to community groups, rates remissions are being phased out. "Support for groups will eventually be through the new processes. Council wants to make access to this ratepayer subsidy more transparent and contestable. Groups receiving rental subsidies will need to acknowledge receipt of the subsidy in annual accounts and acknowledge the support provided by Council."

"We've been talking with community groups about the changes through a series of meetings, letters and emails and Council staff are on hand to answer any questions on 356 8199."

The first funding round subject to the new conditions starts tomorrow, 1 November and closes on 7 December.