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Giants by the dozen in Palmerston North

Thursday December 13 2012

The website, launched in October, was developed to promote artists who live in, come from or who have made their home in Palmerston North. The website features musicians, fine artists, writers and performance artists.

"It aims to promote those artists who are known on the world stage, whose name may be a household word, or whose talent and impact reaches far beyond the city limits," cultural co-ordinator Axel de Maupeou said.  "The City acts as a central hub for a growing population and has a wide range of artistic talent."

Among today's additions are:

  • Academy and Emmy award-winning production designer - Grant Major
  • Australia Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame member - Barton Price
  • One of New Zealand's most recognisable actors - Shane Cortese
  • One of New Zealand's leading authors - Fiona Farrell

"Previously there has not been a repository for artist's biographies or links to their accomplishments," Axel said. "This website is aimed at letting residents and the world know that while the Manawatū is renowned for its educational and agricultural successes, Palmerston North also produces some of New Zealand's notable artists. The website was launched in October but is a work in progress that will be updated with new artist profiles; it will be a living, growing representation of our artistic heritage and community."

"I hope that the website will inspire young people by showing them that their City has a history of great artists," he said.

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