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New financial year rates notices sent out from today

Wednesday August 1 2012

The increase in Council's overall rates revenue for 2012/13 compared with last year is 5.6%. The increase may vary from property to property depending on factors such as the Rateable Land Value and whether the property is classified as residential, non-residential or rural under the Council's rating system.

For those living in the Boundary Change areas of Kairanga, Bunnythorpe, Longburn and on the northern outskirts of Ashhurst the notice and invoice will be the first residents have received from PNCC.

The due date for the 1st Instalment is Friday, 31 August. As in previous years Ratepayers who wish to pay their rates in one lump sum have the option of ignoring this instalment provided payment of the full year's rates is made by the due date of the 2nd Instalment - Friday 30 November 2012 - if this is the case then any penalty imposed on the 1st Instalment will be waived.

Ratepayers on low incomes are being encouraged to apply for assistance under the Government's rates rebate scheme. Residential ratepayers who resided in their property as at 1 July 2012, and had a gross income for the year ended 31 March 2012 of $23,650 (plus $500 per dependent) or less may be eligible for the maximum rebate of $590. If your income was more than $23,650 then you may still be eligible for a reduced rebate. Contact Council on 356 8199 for help in determining your eligibility or to obtain an application form.  You may check for yourself at