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Swabbing of water mains about to begin for another year

Friday July 27 2012

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The work is weather dependent and needs to be carried out when the Manawatū River flows at a certain rate/level.  The swabbing is scheduled during the winter months when the river levels are highest.
As rain is forecast for the next few days hence swabbing will begin on Wednesday 1 August at 6:30pm.
Council staff will work through until the 1 or 2am the next morning - This is a low demand period and will ensure as few people are affected as possible.
Some residents may experience discoloured water during the swabbing process and up to 48 hours following. If you experience discoloured water you should run their cold water taps for 10 - 20 minutes. If it doesn't clear then you can contact the Council on 356 8199.

Updates will be made on our Facebook page, Twitter and on this website.

We apologise for any inconvenience the project may cause.