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Terms of Reference for Parking Issues Workshop announced

Friday December 21 2012

Parking Pixies

The group, which met for the first time this week, is tasked to improve the public's interface with the parking system and take a less confrontational approach to parking enforcement.

Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor says the group will ascertain and clarify the issues, identify causality, define the nature of the problem and determine solutions.

"We're keen to hear from the public and in the new year we'll publicise an email address calling for comments and ideas. We'll also engage directly with interested stakeholders who have concerns over parking facilities and operations."

The Working Party will investigate the viability of the following specific changes requested by the public, including matters raised in the petition and deputations to the 10 December 2012 Finance and Performance Committee:

  • Reduced charges in low use areas
  • Automatic receipting
  • Continuous bay numbering that are easier to read
  • Screens that are easier to read
  • Limit loss of service of credit card and text transactions
  • Pay and display
  • Parking enforcement policy and procedures
  • Parking restriction hours.

The Working Party is the fourth initiative to be introduced by Council:

  • An extension of the tolerance period from 5 minutes to 10 minutes before and after meter time to allow people time to get change and reduce stress on the way back to their vehicle.
  • Introduction of 'Parking Pixies' for the two week period prior to Christmas specifically targeting visitors to the city.
  • A survey of retailers to establish need for differing parking period lengths in
    different areas of the CBD.

Jono Naylor says the main objective of the Working Party is to provide confidence to the community that the system is fair, easy to use, costs are reasonable and that it works.

The Parking Issues Working Party is made up of:

  • Mayor Jono Naylor and Councillors Susan Baty, Adrian Broad, Duncan McCann
  • General Manager, City Networks - Ray Swadel
  • General Manager, Customer Services - Peter Eathorne
  • Roading Manager - Graeme Tong
  • Senior Policy Planner - Jono Ferguson-Pye

Jono Naylor says while the group may implement ideas where it considers them to be appropriate, its main aim is to inform the development of the Comprehensive Parking Management Plan (CPMP). The plan is currently being written by staff and will go to Council and then out for public consultation in April next year.

The Working Party will disband on the same day as consultation on the CPMP finishes.