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Closure of Esplanade conservatory prior to refurbishment

Thursday June 20 2013

Senior property and parks planner Aaron Phillips says the decision was made due to the deteriorating conditions of the glass in the 60 year-old conservatory.

The ageing 3mm thick glass panels on the roof have been replaced as breakages have occurred. Previous repairs were carried out from above or from scaffolding or gantry crane below. The conservatory has now been deemed unsafe for workmen to operate in.

"Previously we've carried out repairs as and when needed, however, it has reached a stage where it is unsafe for workmen," Aaron said.

However, Aaron said funds totalling more than $400,000 have been allocated in the Council's Annual Plan 2013/14 to refurbish the conservatory and work is planned to start in October this year.

"The current panes will likely be replaced with 12mm glass that is far stronger, able to be walked on, and which shatter into small granules if breakage occurs, vastly improving safety for all concerned."

Assessment of the refurbishment of the existing structure is due at the end of June and the final decision on the work programme will be developed from there.

It is envisaged the conservatory will be closed for three to four months.

"Some park visitors will be disappointed, however, work will be carried out during the off-peak season and should re-open for the summer season," Aaron said.