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Encouraging ratepayers to pay online

Monday July 8 2013

Senior rates officer Zane Robinson says the promotion is aimed at encouraging more and more ratepayers to pay by Rates Easy Pay, a direct debit system that lets you pay your rates automatically from your bank account, internet banking or use another direct credit system for payment.

"Paying by direct debit is a convenient set and forget system that allows residents to pay their rates when it suits them. No more trips to the bank, Council or Post Office just to pay the rates."

"Access to computers, whether a PC or a smart phone, has vastly improved in recent years," says Mr Robinson.  "For those who don't have a computer at home then they are welcome to use the free computers at City Library or any of its four branches to set up a direct online payment."

Zane Robinson says another reason Council is promoting online electronic payments is because costs associated with it are less than traditional payment means.

The competition is open to ratepayers who pay electronically whether they've been paying in this manner for years or only a few weeks. A number of conditions apply, including: the winner of a previous draw is exempt from remaining draws; And, the property of the ratepayer must not be in arrears. A full list of Terms and Conditions can be found here