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Mayor and Council Election Candidates 2013

Friday August 16 2013

Here is the official list of candidates, subject to verification:

Candidates for Mayor:

Ross Barber

Lew Findlay

Duncan McCann

Jono Naylor

Gary Stewart Philip

Grant Seton


Candidates for Council:

Jan Barnett

Susan Baty

Rachel Bowen

Adrian Broad

Vaughan Dennison

Nick Eddy

Phil Etheridge

Lew Findlay

Hayden Fitzgerald

Niki Gunning

Leonie Hapeta

Ange Hartshorne

David Ireland

Jim Jefferies

Lorna Johnson

Mark Russell Johnson

Marilyn Korte

Ross Linklater

Dion Martin

Duncan McCann

Billy Meehan

Annette Nixon

Elizabeth Paine

James Pettengill

David Poppelwell

Wiremu Rihari Reiri

Aleisha Rutherford

Allen Smith

Grant Smith

Chris Teo-Sherrell

Charles Peter Turner

Tangi Utikere

Bruce Wilson



Electoral Officer Dr John Annabel says the nominations will be confirmed later today.

Electioneering will now begin in earnest and Dr Annabell says Council as a democratic organisation will host three meetings aimed at providing voters with an opportunity to meet the candidates and hear from them. "All candidates are invited to attend, however it's up to them if they do so".

Details of the meetings are:

Meet the Candidates Meeting (those standing for Mayor and Councillors) Thursday 29 August at 7pm in the Convention Centre. Both Mayoral and Councillor candidates will address the meeting which will be followed by supper and your chance to ask candidates informal questions.

Meet the Mayoral Candidates Meeting on Tuesday 3 September 2013 at midday in the Convention Centre. This meeting is solely for those candidates standing for the position of Mayor. Each candidate will be given the opportunity to address the audience and formal questions from the floor will be taken. The meeting will be followed by light refreshments and your chance to informally mix with candidates and ask questions.

Meet the Candidates Event and STV Expo Tuesday 10 September 5:30pm - 8:30pm in the Convention Centre. At this event candidates will not make speeches, instead candidates will available to you and you will be able to talk with them one on one. During this event the Electoral Officer will provide an explanation of Single Transferable Voting (STV) electoral system.

Dr Annabell says more information about the 2013 Local Government Elections can be found at and search elections.

For further information:

Dr John Annabell
Electoral Officer
Palmerston North City Council
356 8199