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Placemaking Palmerston North ‘show and tell’

Wednesday July 10 2013

Five placemaking teams have been participating in round one of the Placemaking Palmerston North programme, which is broken down into four 10-week 'rounds', with each new round an opportunity for new placemakers to become involved. Previous place makers are encouraged to continue and start new projects.

"The Placemaking Palmerston North programme aims to build on the success of previous placemaking experiments in the City by introducing new members of the community to existing placemakers and giving them the tools to try it out themselves" says city planner David Murphy.

The five placemaking groups, which consist of four residential teams and one team of retailers, have been remaking their neighbourhoods and retail areas during the last ten weeks. Among the teams presenting will be Freyberg High School students who introduced anti-graffiti initiatives to their school, the 'Urban Savages' of Savage Crescent who worked on a seating area in Savage Park, and Linton Camp Hub who have revitalised their local library.

The presentation will be held on Thursday 11 July from 5.15pm at the fx2 theatre, Square Edge.

For those inspired to become involved in Placemaking Palmerston North, round two registrations forms for new place makers will be available on the night and on the Placemaking Palmerston North Facebook page. Round two starts on Monday 5 August.