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Pre-election Report released

Thursday August 1 2013

After the last local government elections the Local Government Act 2002 was amended and now all Councils have to provide a Pre-election Report.

Chief executive Paddy Clifford says the purpose of the report is to provide electors and candidates with information that will promote informed debate during the election campaign about funding and expenditure issues facing the City and the Council primarily during the next three years.

This report includes information on:

  • What is the Council's current focus?
  • What are some of the bigger issues the Council is facing?
  • What are some of the major projects the Council is planning?
  • What drives the Council's financial position?
  • Financials.

"It's really a one-stop shop of information for electors about the big issues," says Mr Clifford. "However, if you require more in-depth information you should read the 2013/14 Annual Plan or 10 Year Plan."

Mr Clifford says the report is fairly similar to central government's Pre-election and Fiscal Update that is made public prior to national elections. Although, he says, Council's Pre-election Report is more focused on projects and less focused on the economy.