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Spades needed at Summerhill planting day

Friday September 13 2013

Green Corridors is a voluntary group supported by Palmerston North City Council. Its purpose is to build corridors of native vegetation to provide habitat for wildlife along streams from the Tararua Ranges to the Manawatū River to support Council's aim of improving biodiversity and sustainability.

Green Corridors project officer Dan Batley says the results to date include improved water quality, open green spaces and habitat for local wildlife.

September's planting day will focus on Summerhill Drainage Reserves better known as the Lower Titoki Reserve.

"The area is starting to look amazing and the trees we planted last time are really taking hold. This second round of planting will boost the native ecosystem."

"The more people who come along to help - the better," says Dan. "The more the local community gets involved and takes ownership of the areas planted, the better looked after they'll be in the long term."

When:    10am Sunday, 15 September

Where:    Lower Titoki Extension Block on Anne Place off Cashmere Drive

What to bring:   A spade and appropriate footwear.

The planting day is supported by Palmerston North City Council, the local branch of Ricoh NZ and Horizons Regional Council.

"The support these groups have given Green Corridors has helped ensure the success of the planting days," says Dan.