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Access denied to Arapuke Forest Park during week

Thursday October 16 2014

Members of the public are jeopardising the safety of the logging contractors working in the park, and their own safety.

Council forester Mark Johnston says we have consulted WorkSafe NZ and we are advised we have a duty to ensure the foresters' safety while they're working, so we have had to take the closure decision.

Mr Johnston said there have been several incidents since the logging started where members of the public (both cyclists and walkers) have breached both warning signs and safety cordons.

"We didn't want to close the park in the evenings on week days, but we have no choice now. In some cases contractors have been approached by members of the public," Mark said.

"Since logging started on 29th September there have been a steady number of people visiting the forest during restricted times and we are committed to ensuring everyone's safety," Mark said.

"The park is simply a dangerous place during harvesting, there's a lot of heavy machinery and trees being felled. Avoiding accidents is top priority."

Logging is scheduled to run through to April next year.