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Advisory: Ashhurst water system flushing programme

Friday September 5 2014

Why do we do it?

It will create enough flushing velocity to remove as much built-up deposits as possible across the entire Ashhurst water supply pipe network to minimise discoloured water in future.

What to look out for?

Letters to residents will be dropped to letterboxes in the affected areas at least 24 hours prior to the work. During the flushing process, there could be periodic low water pressure or discoloured water in households across the village, and a few properties may be out of water for a few hours. 

When will it happen?

The expected duration of programme is one week, starting from 9 September 2014.

What do you need to do during and after the flushing?

Please minimise water use during normal working hours in the flushing week

Run the tap to check the water clarity before running washing machine

Run the bath tap for 20 minutes if you find your water is discoloured

Ring the Council if the water is still discoloured 


Any questions? Please call Council on 356 8199