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Lights up on Broadway!

Tuesday December 9 2014

At 8pm on Friday we're turning on the brand new light columns, designed and constructed by local Kerry Little and lighting up the trees in new planter boxes. 

The Council, together with a number of community members and some Broadway retailers have been working on the placemaking initiative the past six months. It's designed to show how to create a welcoming and vibrant city space on Broadway Avenue by taking a quick, light and flexible approach to the design of public space.

The first step in the project has been completed when astroturf covered the pavement between The Regent Theatre and Downtown shopping mall. The idea is to soften the space and create a backyard feel. As well there'll also be deck panels, moveable furniture, cube seats and games to enjoy.

"It's really exciting to see the astroturf in place - it already makes a visual impact," says Jennifer Esterman, policy planner (urban design). "Many of our volunteers will be in on Friday to help with the setup.  It's been great to work with a team with so much passion and creative ideas."

The council kicked off the Placemaking Broadway with seed funding of 50,000.