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One week left for Mayoral nominations

Monday December 15 2014

Nominations are due to close on 22 December at 12 noon. "If you or someone you know is considering standing for election, there's still time to submit your nomination" Electoral Officer Dr John Annabell says.

"The preliminary residential electoral roll is now open for inspection, and I encourage residents to check your enrolment details" Dr Annabell said.

"Voting in the by-election lets you have your say in the leadership of our city. Opportunities to update the electoral roll close at 5pm on 22 December.

The voting forms in the by-election will be arranged in a random order to reduce bias towards those appearing at the top of the list if the candidates were listed alphabetically.

Once nominations have closed there will be two 'Meet the Mayoral Candidates' meetings in January. Residents can meet and talk with the candidates to find out who they think would be best suited to leading the city.

During this time the candidates will also be campaigning, with voting papers starting delivery on the 19th of January. Voting closes at midday on February 10.

The by-election follows the resignation of Mayor Jono Naylor earlier in the year due to his election to Parliament.