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Want to save money and reduce your household’s impact on our rivers?

Friday May 30 2014

Lyn Webster, a Taranaki sharemilker and author of 'Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce', delivers the workshops. Lyn started making her own cleaning products in 2009 in a bid to save money. The financial benefits were quickly realised, and Lyn has since developed a career out of teaching people to slash their grocery bill by living sustainably.

Pat Cronin, Sustainability Coordinator at Palmerston North City Council says "it's liberating when you realise that there are simple, natural products already in our pantries that can make all of the cleaning products needed to clean our homes and our bodies. You will never have to buy another bottle of toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid or shampoo again. That equals more money in our pockets, less waste and less chemicals down our drains and in our river".

The workshops are part of the 'Love your River' Campaign, which started in 2013, highlighting the link between the health of the city's river and our water use. "Up to 30% of phosphorous in domestic wastewater originates from domestic laundry products, dishwashing detergents and food scraps" says Pat, "We are all responsible for ensuring our rivers are healthy."

'Love your River' is a PNCC education and awareness campaign aimed at reducing the negative impact on the city's waterways.

The workshops are fun and interactive, and Lyn will share her story, recipes and hand out samples during the classes.

The workshops are on Friday 6 June at the Ashhurst Valley Village Centre, Manchester and Guildford Streets, from 5:30-6:30pm, and Saturday 7 June at the Hancock Community House, 77-85 King Street, Palmerston North. To register, email