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Announcement of Councillor by-election results

Friday May 1 2015

Preliminary results for the Councillor by-election for Palmerston North City Council will be announced by Electoral Officer Dr John Annabell in the Council Chamber, Civic Administration Building at or shortly after 7.00pm on Saturday 9 May 2015.

The Council Chamber will be open at 6.30pm and will remain open until 7.30pm or later if the announcement of results is delayed.

"It is my intention to announce the completed preliminary results, although if for some reason these are not available at the time, progress results will be announced instead," Dr Annabell said.

"If all goes to plan, the results announced will include all of the voting documents returned to Council up until the close of voting at 12noon on Saturday 9 May 2015 apart from some special votes."

Candidates, supporters, the media and any interested person are welcome to attend the announcement. Printed copies of the election results will be available for those attending.

After the announcement, results will be relayed to the media, placed on windows adjacent to the entrance of the Civic Administration Building and placed on the Council's website,

"It is expected the official results for the Councillor by-election will be given by public notice in the Manawatu Standard on Thursday 14 May," Dr Annabell said.