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City Council’s Placemaking hits UCOL

Wednesday June 17 2015

The project has the potential to showcase students' talent through Placemaking initiatives.

Palmerston North City Council City Future General Manager Sheryl Bryant says that spatial planning is an important tool for providing a clear picture of what the City will look like in the future.

"A Campus Development Plan will show how better outcomes for the city and its key organisations can be achieved when we plan together."

So far key people from both organisations have contributed their ideas and vision of the diverse area, providing the opportunity to coordinate UCOL's needs with those of the City Council so that a shared vision and a way forward can be created.

UCOL Chief Executive Leeza Boyce says this collaborative approach has the potential to be a win-win situation.

"We are looking forward to working with the City Council to further explore a shared vision for the public spaces around UCOL's buildings. There is already great work going on around the City to activate public areas and likewise there is some really inspirational work going on inside our campus."

A recent example of this joint approach is the upgrade of Queen Street to provide extra pedestrian space around UCOL's Campus buildings.

Next steps include confirming a common key direction for the campus to increase its presence in the City, and developing placemaking with students.

UCOL's Palmerston North Campus adds vitality, creativity, and innovation to Student City, and is recognised as a strategic area under the Palmerston North City Centre Framework, which drives the significant policy direction for urban design in the City.