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Clocktower goes LED

Thursday November 19 2015

SC Nov Clock Tower Goes LED

When the lights were first installed about ten years ago technology favoured fluorescent lighting. However now LED lights have become commonplace.

The difference adds a new more vibrant, uniform and cost-effective dimension to the lighting of the Clock Tower.

"These new lights look fantastic," Jeff Baker, Leisure Assets Planner said.

Jeff, who has been overseeing the planned renewal project, said the LED lights were much more vibrant than the old fluorescents which produced a softer, more diffused light.

"The light is brighter and we will now have a larger variety of colour options too."

The upgrade was completed in three stages.

The first stage was to install the new LEDs behind the large glass brick panels facing Fitzherbert Avenue at the bottom of the tower.

The second stage involved switching to LEDs behind the vertical glass panels that curve around the side facing Rangitikei Street.

The final stage involved upgrading the dated software to provide for the colour and timing of the lights to be activated remotely via the internet, saving the hassle of staff having to go to the Clock Tower to make changes.

"The new lights have a startling effect. Not only are they brighter, but they are more reliable and much cheaper to run," Jeff said.