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Committee Recommends Proposed Parking Changes go out for Public Consultation

Monday August 3 2015

Recommendations made under the Proposed Parking Management Plan include removing time limits in the Central Business District, reducing or removing parking fees in some areas from next year, and improving parking concessions for SuperGold cardholders.

"We're keen to find out what people think of the plan. A consultation document will go out in six to eight weeks. Once we've considered that feedback, the final proposals will be brought before the full council.  No changes would take effect until next year", says Planning and Policy Committee Chair, Annette Nixon.

Details of the proposed plan are included in a report prepared by the Council's Senior Transportation Engineer Glenn Connelly.

"Parking is about more than just getting a spot outside a shop. It is about putting people first and reducing the dominance of vehicles in our streets," he says.

"More efficient parking facilities create a more compact and attractive community environment.  Better parking management improves urban design and traffic safety, promotes sustainable transport and reduces travel times and energy consumption."

It is proposed to trial the removal of the two hour time limits on metered street parks in the Central Business District which means shoppers can stay as long as they like provided they feed their meters.

Mr Connelly says the measure could become permanent if it works well.

"The risk of having excessive all day parking in the CBD is low given meter pricing is expected to deter all day parking," Mr Connelly says.

Parking time limits could be introduced to streets in the Pak 'n' Save, Plaza and IRD areas to prevent commuters from taking up too many spaces that local residents want to use.

Time limits could also be introduced in the wider hospital area. Residents could be issued permits in these areas to allow them to park at any time in the street.

Mr Connelly says the Council wants its parks occupied most of the time while retaining enough spare spaces for convenience.

But there are some parking areas that need to be used more.

To increase use, street parking fees could be reduced for meters along King, Linton, Walding and Cuba Streets.

"Reducing the parking fees in conjunction with the removal of time limits may help alleviate commuter overspill, retain residential amenity and better support local businesses," he says.

The report proposes trialling one hour's free parking in metered spaces within the King Street Car Park.

The report also recommends considering alternative uses for the off-street carparks in Ngata and Amesbury Streets but parking charges could be introduced if it is practical in the meantime.

Superannuitants who have SuperGold Card parking permits could also benefit under the Proposed Parking Management Plan.

The Council proposes adding an extra hour to the time they're able to park for free on weekdays in metered spaces.

That would mean they could park between 9.00am and midday instead of between 9 and 11.00am.

The Council also wants to hear from other groups interested in concessions.

Other proposals include the promotion of leased parking and a review of the number of mobility parks and loading zones.