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Council calls for submissions on Draft Integrated Transport Strategy

Wednesday March 25 2015

Consultation opens today on the Draft Integrated Transport Strategy. The Strategy is aimed at integrating land-use and transport to create an efficient user friendly transport system that meets the needs of the City’s residents, businesses and the environment.

"Our City has an effective and well developed transportation network," Julie Ireland, policy analyst said. "We want to pull together the transport and land use planning that looks ahead 30 years." 

Julie says the City is a hub for health, retail, education, Defence, freight distribution and logistics, and there needs to be a balance between all road users, particularly people who want to walk or cycle. 

There are three core themes: optimising use, access and movement, encouraging walking and cycling and building a resilient transport system by promoting environmentally sustainable activities and connectivity. 

"The proposed activities aim to improve the network capacity, traffic movement and balance the needs of all users," Julie said. "It builds on our City's strengths while supporting environmental sustainability." 

Submissions close Friday 1 May, 2015 at 5.00pm. To download a copy of The Draft Strategy and have your say, visit councils website , the Council's Customer Service Centre, City Library or phone Julie Ireland on 356 8199.

For more information contact: 

Julie Ireland
Policy analyst
Palmerston North City Council
356 8199