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Council seeks submissions on Alcohol Control Bylaw

Wednesday March 25 2015

Palmerston North City Council is calling for submissions on the draft Alcohol Control Bylaw.

There are some small changes being proposed in the bylaw, such as changing the term "liquor" to "alcohol", removing a redundant clause enabling event exemptions to be granted, and updating the enforcement provisions. The liquor ban area is unchanged, and it will still operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Policy Analyst Peter Ridge says, "The changes that are being proposed are mostly to bring the bylaw in line with legislative change when the Sale of Liquor Act was replaced with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act."

"The Council is required to have evidence of a high level of crime or disorder caused or made worse by alcohol consumption in the area where the alcohol bylaw will apply.  The Police have supplied data on public places offences recorded between 2010 and 2013.  This shows quite clearly that the overwhelming majority - over 97% - of alcohol-related public place offences occurs within the current liquor ban area.  This makes a compelling case for leaving the liquor ban area unchanged."

In addition to the data supplied by police, a survey conducted in January showed two-thirds of respondents were supportive of the current liquor ban area, and three-quarters favoured keeping the 24/7 operation of the liquor ban.

The draft bylaw is available here along with a summary document and a submission form.  It can also be found at the Council's Customer Service Centre, the central and branch libraries, and the Ashhurst Services Delivery Centre. 

Submissions close on 1 May 2015.

For more information contact: 

Peter Ridge
Policy analyst
Palmerston North City Council
356 8199