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Development of extended online services gains momentum

Friday February 27 2015

A project to extend the range of online services provided by Palmerston North City Council is gaining momentum.

"Over the next three years we want to improve productivity for both the Council and users of the services," Peter Eathorne general manager for Customer Services said. "We can do this by introducing a wide range of web based services."

Provision of online services presents the Council with the opportunity to deliver services to its customers via another channel.  Online services are commonly used to provide services to customers.

Peter says the use of online services will provide benefits for both Council and its customers. "For customers they can choose when they wish to interact with the Council at a time that suits them on a digital device of their choice."   It will start with the introduction of online payments for parking infringements and invoices.  Other online payment services will progressively become available such as re-registration of dogs.  This will be followed by online processing for building consent applications.

"Responding to resident's needs, not only means we work in a more efficient manner, but it gives residents more opportunities to interact with the Council," Peter said. "We aim to start rolling out the services in March."

The implementation of online services will assist in achieving the vision and goals of the City as defined in the Council's Long Term Plan.