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How do you feel about multi unit housing?

Tuesday July 21 2015

The Plan Change will ask ratepayers and residents to think about how they want their neighbourhoods to look, feel and function in the future. The Plan Change is part of the Shaping Our City programme which is a review of the District Plan.

"Palmerston North is growing and it's time to take stock of which plan provisions are working and which need review," Matthew Mackay, Council's Policy Planner says.

"It's about making sure that we're building housing that is sustainable and neighbourhoods that are attractive, healthy and safe places to live" says Matthew.

The Plan Change includes a range of new and modified planning rules for multi-unit housing, minor dwellings, front fencing, building setbacks, and noise.

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"We hope this work will enable us to future proof residential growth by allowing for the varying housing needs of our families, elderly, students and young professionals. We all want our neighbourhoods to be places that are safe, secure, pedestrian friendly and attractive," he says.

"Decisions about housing impact on everyone. We are looking for as much feedback as possible to help us plan for housing development in our residential areas."

The Proposed Plan Change follows community feedback on Draft Plan Change 20, which was consulted on late in 2014. For more information visit keyword: Plan Change 20. Matthew says feedback on the plan change needs to be submitted by the 21st of August.