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Local Government New Zealand stands behind Council remit

Monday July 20 2015

The current law allows smokers to impinge on the rights of those who choose not to smoke and who want to dine outside," Cr Findlay said.

"The Council is being lobbied by various local and national organisations to introduce Bylaws to ban smoking in outdoor dining areas," PNCC Councillor Lew Findlay said.

"Our Council is of the opinion that if we introduced a Bylaw to ban smoking in outdoor dining areas it would only be symbolic and central government needs to take action."

The Maori Parliamentary Select Committee and the Shore & Whariki Research Centre have also recommended that the Smokefree Environments Act be amended to include outdoor public areas.

Central government's goal is for a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025. So far they have:

  • banned cigarette sponsorship and advertising
  • banned smoking in the workplace
  • banned smoking from pubs and clubs
  • increased taxes on cigarettes
  • retailers now have to hide their products
  • banned them from jails
  • closed Duty-Free loopholes

"I'm proud of my city," Cr Findlay said. "We were the first in the country to introduce Smokefree central city streets."

Less than 18% of New Zealand's population smokes with surveys showing many more want to quit and would support further restrictions.