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New portfolios announced for Councillors

Thursday April 2 2015

A new initiative aimed at improving engagement with sectors of Palmerston North's communities has been launched.

Mayor Grant Smith says the loss of wards and ward meetings in Palmerston North prior to the last local body election, has been keenly felt by a number of groups across the city. "We needed a new system to improve engagement and interaction with groups within our community."

Mayor Smith says Councillor Portfolios are not a new thing. "My counterpart in Rotorua recently introduced them, and I'm hearing it's working well there. I hope that by assigning Councillors certain areas of concern we will improve Councillor engagement with sectors and that in turn will lead to improved decision-making by Council."

Mayor Smith says Councillors will take a lead in community engagement with the sector or community groups they are assigned. They will regularly meet with interest groups, becoming the Council's go-to person or persons within the portfolio.

"This will also help the community, non-governmental and business organisations communicate with Council as they will know which councillors to call first."

The new portfolios are:



Economic Development and Employment

Cr Adrian Broad, supported by Cr Jim Jefferies and Cr Leonie Hapeta

CBD and Retail

Cr Leonie Hapeta supported by Cr Rachel Bowen

Senior and Disability

Cr Lew Findlay supported by Cr Annette Nixon

Children and families        

Cr Rachel Bowen supported by Cr Billy Meehan

Public and active transport           

Cr Chris Teo-Sherrell supported by Cr Leonie Hapeta

Arts   and Culture

Cr Jim Jefferies supported by Cr Rachel Bowen

Social housing and community services

Cr Susan Baty supported by Cr Annette Nixon

Youth and students

Cr Aleisha Rutherford supported by Cr Tangi Utikere

Rural Villages

Cr Ross Linklater supported by Cr Annette Nixon and Cr Aleisha Rutherford 

Environment and sustainability

Cr Chris Teo-Sherrell supported by Deputy Mayor Duncan McCann 

Safety and Civil Defence

Cr Vaughan Dennison supported by Deputy Mayor Duncan McCann 


Cr Tangi Utikere supported by Councillor Lew Findlay


Cr Tangi Utikere supported by Cr Billy Meehan 

Recreation and Sport         

Cr Billy Meehan supported by Cr Vaughan Dennison 


Mayor Smith says Councillors will report back informally every month to Councillor Only meetings and issues that need addressing will be referred through the formal Council process. "Obviously, if there is a major issue of concern then it will be dealt with earlier."                                               

For more information:

Mayor of Palmerston North
Grant Smith
027 445 8657 


C/o Lisa Guthrie
Office of the Mayor of Palmerston North
351 4417