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New Social Housing Strategy

Friday March 13 2015

The Community Development Committee has recommended the adoption of the Draft Social Housing (2015). This recommendation will be considered by the Council on March 23.

Ninety six submissions were received on the Draft Strategy, most of which were strongly supportive of the proposed direction. The Council's social housing role will be expanding to include its current public housing stock, and up to twenty of these units will be subsidised for people on low incomes who experience barriers to participating in the private rental market. The 311 units already provided for older people and people with disabilities will continue to be provided at subsidised rentals. The new Strategy also means that the Council will adopt a housing WOF, provide more support to its tenants (through other social agencies), and continue the programme of converting bedsits to one bedroom units. A further review will be undertaken in the next six months to investigate possible models of future social housing delivery.

If you have any questions about the Social Housing Strategy please contact Julie Macdonald by phone (356 8199) or email (