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Pahiatua Track may reopen later this week

Thursday June 25 2015

The Pahiatua Track was completely blocked by two major slips, one at the Fitzherbert East Road end of the Track, the other further up the Track, and a collapsed culvert. The Palmerston North City Council Roading Team is working with Higgins Contractors Ltd to clear the Track.

"Work has begun on a large slip estimated to be 30-40,000 cubic metres of soil and rock," says Andrew Higgs, Programmes Team Leader, Palmerston North City Council.

"Crews from Higgins are working from both sides of the slip and teams of excavators and trucks are carting the debris away in both directions, Manawatu and Tararua.

"It is hoped to reopen at least one lane this week, although it is difficult to put a time on opening because attempts to clear the blockage may cause further material to slide down."

Palmerston North City Council tree crews and contractors cleared the slip at the Fitzherbert East Road end of the Track on Sunday morning by, giving access to the larger slip further up the Track.

Shaun Donovan, Higgins Branch Manager Palmerston North says his company had deployed as many local staff, equipment and signs as possible during the event.

"We continue to work with Council staff to identify and resolve issues," he says. We have brought in extra resources and specialist equipment, particularly from our Hawkes Bay operation to accelerate the slip clearance."