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Preliminary result of the Palmerston North City Councillor By-election

Saturday May 9 2015

31.5% of those registered to vote turned out for the Councillor By-election - a total of 17513 votes.

The successful candidate was elected on the 8th iteration.

The Preliminary results are:
• PETRENAS, Bruno: Elected 8th iteration
• BUNDY-COOKE, Gabrielle: Excluded 8th iteration
• NAYLOR, Karen: Excluded 7th iteration
• JOHNSON, Lorna: Excluded 6th iteration
• PUGMIRE, Sue: Excluded 5th iteration
• SYMES, Abi: Excluded 4th iteration
• EGAN, Martin: Excluded 3rd iteration
• de la HAYE, Warren: Excluded 2nd iteration
• BARBER, Ross Easton: Excluded 1st iteration

Dr Annabell says the official results for the Councillor By-election will be given by public notice in the Manawatu Standard on Thursday 14 May.