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Road and street repairs well underway

Thursday June 25 2015

"Our top priority is to get roads back open as soon as possible," says Andrew Higgs, Programmes Team Leader, Palmerston North City Council. "Our Roading Team is focusing on three priorities - making the roads safe, assessing the damage and undertaking immediate action where we can."

The major repairs are to:

  • Pahiatua Track
  • Stoney Creek Road
  • Flygers Line
  • Cliff Road
  • Bridges, other roads and slips.

Pahiatua Track

Work is underway repairing the Pahiatua Track, which may reopen at the end of this week. The Track was completely blocked by two major slips, one at the Fitzherbert East Road end of the Track which was cleared on Sunday. The higher slip is estimated to be around 30-40,000 cubic metres of soil and rock and the Palmerston North City Council Roading Team and Higgins Contractors Ltd are working to clear this.

Stoney Creek Road

Stoney Creek Road is still closed to through traffic between Kelvin Grove Road and Parrs Road due to a huge wash-out that collapsed a major, two-metre culvert.

This was buried around eight metres below the road level and must be excavated before the embankments and road surface can be replaced. Timing depends on how soon the large diameter pipes required for a new culvert can be obtained.

Flygers Line

A large wash-out has closed a section of the northern lane on Flygers Line between Rangitikei Line and Gillespies Line. Water scoured out the foundations of an existing retaining wall and washed away the road. Engineers are assessing an adjacent bank before deciding on future action.

Cliff Road

A large slip closed Cliff Road, on the Summerhill Side of Palmerston North city. This will be cleared as soon as possible.

Work started on bridges, other roads and slips

Work has started on clearing the large number of less severe slips that have not badly affected road access. Council contractors are repairing small potholes that have developed on many roads.

Council teams are inspecting bridges and roads for damage and are assessing stopbank damage with Horizons District Council. They are also inspecting and programming work to clear debris in order to reinstate access to pathways and walkways affected by the flooding.